Eurowrap Desktop Party Box - Ladies

Product code: 114958
Barcode: 5033601674634
Pack Quantity: 1
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The Desktop Party Box is the perfect way to celebrate a big birthday in the office! You'll have everything you need to decorate a desk, including paper chains, a mini party hat, birthday signs, mini bunting, a badge and cool confetti! If your colleague is working on their birthday, don't let them get away without celebrating the occasion. The colourful pack will draw all the attention to the lucky birthday girl. Simply get your pack ready, sneak into the office a little early and prepare for a desktop party! This is a great way to brighten up a friend's day! Box measures: 13 x 13 x 3.5cm. This product - Eurowrap Desktop Party Box - Ladies, PartNo - 19926-PP, Barcode - 5033601674634, is supplied by Eurowrap UK.