Eurowrap Christmas Gift Bags - Xmas Text Tartan Medium

Product code: 118440
Barcode: 5033601578192
Pack Quantity: 12
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Feliz Natal - Merry Christmas Wishes to all! It's Christmas, time to be together with family friends, pack the bags and fly home or simply drive, either take a bus-train and Decorate with loads of decorations - Trees-Lights-Stickers-Holly Leaves-Wreaths and Celebrate joyously by singing carols - Santa Claus is coming to town, Ho Ho Ho... Post to send out the Xmas greetings cards and pack those surprises with gift bags and boxes, truly, Christmas is all about giving-receiving-sharing, lets make this time a bit more memorable and exciting. This product - Eurowrap Christmas Gift Bags - Xmas Text Tartan Medium, 157 GSM WHITE PAPER + MATT CMYK + GOLD MET INK + RED FOIL BACK GUSSET LIP: CMYK + INK RED GROSGRAIN HANDLE FRONT TAG RED TEE GLITTER 81X100MM, PartNo - X-25002-3, Barcode - 5033601578192, is supplied by Eurowrap UK.